Cheryl Quay

When you and your family make the decision to look for a home you find yourself filled with questions that you think may not have answers. So much is spinning inside your mind as you try to decide where to begin. At this point you need a caring and knowledgeable realtor who will listen to every word you say.

My family found that person at Oakridge Realty & Auction Co. Kathy Shepherd showed her compassion for finding the right house for us. She listened with great care as we described items that were important to us. There was never an attempt to say what we were looking for was not possible. It was simply an affirmation that the house that was best for us was there and we were going to find it and we did!

The office staff at Oakridge was welcoming and always ready to answer any question. They made us feel that our concerns were important no matter how small the issue seemed. They offered suggestions that led to solutions. To us everything seemed like a mountain. We soon found the Oakridge staff made those mountains disappear.

I would certainly suggest giving Kathy and the rest of the staff at Oakridge a try.

Cheryl Quay

Beth Shirk

Hi Kevin-

Before our transaction closes in a couple of weeks, I'd just like to write and say thank you. As a landowner who lives 2,200 miles from Kenton, I had some apprehension about selecting an agent to handle selling my farm. As you may recall when we first met, I had appointments with two other firms the same day I sat down with you to talk about my farm. I had the sense right away that you had the skills, interest and understanding of the area to do a great job. After our meeting, I cancelled the other appointments and never looked back.

My farm presented its share of challenges due to its configuration, the fact that we could not close a sale until November and the nature of the relationship with the neighboring farm. I've been so impressed throughout this transaction with the way in which you have handled every challenge. Our deal could have slipped away at several points had you not juggled personalities, needs and expectations so well. I have had confidence in you from the start, and I have also grown to respect your integrity and level-headed judgment. I also have enjoyed how you have kept me "in the loop" throughout this long process.

Thank you, Kevin, for making this transaction pretty seamless and enjoyable.

Best wishes,

Beth Shirk

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